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Avery vs. Pirate Life: Who Sold It Better

Beer News | 12.08.2017

Last week, two craft breweries announced investments in their brands from outside companies. Avery Brewing Co. from Colorado sold 30% of their company to Spanish beer conglomerate, Mahou San Miguel. A couple days later, an Austrailian craft beer brewery called Pirate Life announced that they had been acquired by AB InBev for a cool $7.6 million. WhileRead More

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Budweiser, Mexican Beer, and Millennials

Beer News | 11.17.2017

Budweiser is not having a good year when it comes to U.S. sales and this last quarter only got worse for them. As more and more people turn to drinking craft beer, spirits, and wine, they have seen a continuous drop in sales for their flagship beers, Budweiser and Bud Light. The North American marketRead More

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San Diego Beer Week with Thorn

Beer News | 11.03.2017

It’s our favorite time of year…San Diego Beer Week! Being that San Diego is the Craft Beer Capital of the world, it’s our duty to make SD beer week the best beer week in the world. Here at Thorn, we take this responsibility very, very seriously. We pull out all the stops to bring youRead More

Taking Craft Back One Funny Video at a Time

Beer News | 10.20.2017

Recently, the Brewers Association rolled out a new marketing campaign called “Take Craft Back” which purports to be a crowdfunding effort to buy AB InBev. While they are only $2.5 million to their $213 Billion goal, the movement is gaining steam and national attention. Here’s the video that launched the campaign: After watching this, is thereRead More